Reclaiming the Hebrew Goddesses

10 ONLINE Lessons (go at your own pace). Once again with our friend and Hebrew teacher Steve Pope, we explore the Hebrew names of the Goddesses and reclaim their Feminine power from Patriarchal distortions.


During our studies, we clear the field of any distortions from Patriarchy and open to the true, mystical meaning of each of the Hebrew Goddesses.


  • Week 1: ASHERAH, Great Creatress of life.
  • Week 2: LILITH, reclaiming the Wild Feminine.
  • Week 3: CHEVA (Eve), The Great Circle of Life.
  • Week 4, SARAH, The Royal/Noble Feminine.
  • Week 5: ELLA, The Midwife.
  • Week 6: DEVORAH, The Fruitful Nourishing Feminine.
  • Week 7: MARY, Queen of Heaven.
  • Weeks 8 – 10: MARY MAGDALENE, Guardian of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

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