Mystical Hebrew 1.0 Intro

Ancient Hebrew is a language that unlocks the secrets of Creation and opens us to our own creative nature!

Join Steve Pope - Hebrew Scholar, Kabbalah Teacher and Author of Patterns of Creation - in a beautiful exploration of the mystical meaning behind the Hebrew alphabet.


Receive 11 one hour lessons with class notes, videos and audios of live class sessions. 


Steve brings the Hebrew letters alive with meditation, contemplation and class discussion. 

  1. Learn to write out each Hebrew Letter
  2. Meditate with each letter to unlock its secrets
  3. Discover the metaphysical meaning behind the letters and names of God


Learn the beauty, poetry and metaphysics of Mystical Hebrew! This is a mystical study, rather than scholarly approach to Hebrew. The Hebrew Letters can be seen as a map of the creative, spirit-filled universe called Beriah by Kabbalists.

The Hebrew Letters are portals into the non-visual spiritual dimension. The Hebrew text as originally intended can be best understood by consciously receiving the letters in meditation.

This is the essence of Hebraic Kabbalah: to receive the teaching directly form JHVH- Elohim, which means from the source of all Life: Conscious Presence.

The Hebrew letters are codes for life or codes for how to live a conscious life and connect with all Creation. 

  • Weeks 1-4: Learn the mystical meaning of the Hebrew Letters
  • Week 5: Be Present NOW!
  • Week 6: Genesis Re-Imagined
  • Week 7: How we Create and Co-create
  • Week 8: The Heart of Humanity is YHVH
  • Week 9: Exodus Re-Imagined
  • Week 10: I Am who I Am
  • Week 11: Awakened Universal Consciousness 






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