Soul Charting

Unleash the Power of your Soul’s Blueprint to fulfill your Mission & Create the Life you Love.

A 5-Month 1:1 Personal Mastery Journey with Megan

“My proven system that has Transformed Lives and helped clients succeed in Fulfilling their Soul’s Mission and Creating a Life they truly Love.”


Do you want to know your Soul’s Blueprint and live out your Soul’s Mission?

Do you keep coming up against blocks and old patterns stopping you from fulfilling your Mission and creating the life you love?

It’s so much easier to navigate through life knowing your Soul’s Blueprint, a personal Map and Compass that always points you to True North – your Life Mission & Purpose.

By activating your Blueprint, you unleash the power of your Soul to reclaim your passion, stop self-sabotage and thrive with physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.

With your Soul’s Map and Compass you make daily decisions in alignment with your Mission and know immediately when you are off course so you can get right back on track with yourself.

Using wisdom from Astrology, Alchemy, Depth Psychology, the Tree of Life and Megan’s 35 years of experience as a therapist and spiritual guide, we will map out a step-by-step Action Plan to fulfill your Soul’s Mission and Create the Life you Love.


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