A Virtual Journey of Mastery 1.0

Welcome to your Journey of Mastery!


The 9 Steps we explore together:
Step 1 – INTEND & discover your Blueprint, your personal map
Step 2 – IDENTIFY blocks and passions to your Blueprint
Step 3 – IMAGINE & Align with your Blueprint
Step 4 – RECLAIM parts of you that have been lost
Step 5 – RECEIVE what is yours, unconditionally
Step 6 – OWN your Power and Truth
Step 7 – EMBRACE your deep Wisdom
Step 8 – INTEGRATE your Mastery
Step 9 – EMERGE into the world with your Mastery


This includes:

  • 2 hour conference calls for 10 weeks
  • 2 personal sessions with Diane and The Grand Council
  • 1 personal Soul Astrology session with Megan
  • 3 follow up conference calls after the journey is completed

and the amount of time you spend on your individual Journey. Previous journeyers have spent an average of 5 hours per week.


We are so glad you are joining us!



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