Mystical Hebrew 2.0

9 ONLINE 2-hour Lessons (go at your own pace).

We continue our studies of Mystical Hebrew with Steve Pope.

In this course we meditate on the Hebrew letters and deepen into the “spiritual codes/formulas” in the text of the 10 Sayings (Commandments).

So we go deeper into the names/codes of Ashera, Elohim, Moshe, Israel, Yahweh. We’ve done a great job re-imagining the 10 Commandments into the 10 Life-Giving Sayings. There is so much more to discover.


So in this 9 week series, Steve helps us ground & anchor the 10 Sayings in our everyday life. We’ll have more time and spaciousness to talk about how to balance the left and right brains and clear old thought forms/distorted teachings. And we contemplate the names (Asherah, Israel etc) as spiritual formulas.  


  • Week 1: Review of the Mystical Hebrew Letters
  • Week 2: Review of the Hebrew Letter grid
  • Week 3: Yahweh explained
  • Week 4: Adam as Universal Humanity
  • Week 5: Adam, Eve, Garden of Eden Reconsidered
  • Week 6: Yahweh as the seed within your heart
  • Week 7: Living consciously in our garden of delight and joy
  • Week 8: Living consciously in our garden of delight and joy (continued)
  • Week 9: Moses, Abraham, Sarah, Joshua, Jesus explained

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