Tree of Life Training

7 Steps to Living your Soul’s Mission & Purpose 

The Tree of Life is a sacred roadmap and step-by-step guide to Living the Life you Love.

Over 4 intensive weekends you will connect deeply with your Soul’s Purpose and create a Soul Action Plan to manifest your Mission and create the Life you Love. 


In the Tree of Life Training™ you will:

  • Identify your Soul’s Mission
  • Create a Daily Self-Care Plan to support your Soul’s Mission 
  • Breakthrough blocks that sabotage your Soul’s Mission
  • Discover spiritual practices to manifest your Soul’s Mission and create the Life you Love


Through our sessions together, you learn the 7 Steps to support your Soul’s Mission & Purpose.

Step 1 – Create Vibrant Health. Learn grounding practices & energetic clearing to reduce stress and increase your vital energy. 

Step 2 – Establish a Daily Self-Care Plan. Make healthy lifestyle choices each day.

Step 3 – Call in your Soul Tribe. Break free of negative family patterns and call in healthy relationships and community. 

Step 4 – Claim your Passion & Power. Feel self-confident and assertive and use your energy wisely. Live a passionate, adventurous life!

Step 5 – Create your Soul Mission Map. Unite your inner cast of characters to achieve your Soul’s Mission. 

Step 6 – Free your Creative Spirit. Awaken your higher self with life-giving spiritual practices. 

Step 7 – Share your Gifts. Experience unconditional love towards self and others. Share your gifts with the world.

Your beautiful gifts are needed in this time of transformational change. As you express your life purpose and share your talents with the world, miracles happen all around you and you feel a part of the great flow of life.



Transform your Consciousness

Through the 7 Step Initiation process you change and transform your old habits and belief systems that are blocking you from expressing your full self.

Your consciousness transforms over the months of our time together. You feel lighter, better, more joyful and self-compassionate. You will feel liberated from emotional patterns and inner voices that have been critical or judging.

These profound shifts also help you connect to your higher self, which holds the key to unlock your purpose, your destiny and the map of Mastery you have created this life.



Included in the Program

  • 1 Live Weekend - We meet live in Northern California, from Thursday – Sunday. 
  • 15 group conference calls
  • 3 Private Sessions with Megan - Receive a personalized Astrology reading with Megan at the beginning of the course, which focuses on your Soul’s unique Mission and Purpose, plus 2 more private sessions throughout the course.
  • Tree of Life Book Awakening with the Tree of Life 
  • Private website access to Online Program
  • Tools, Exercises, Guided Meditations
  • Sacred Robes - Interact with Megan’s 33 Sacred Robes for healing, meditation and guidance through the Initiation Process
  • Spiritual Healing Technology from Damanhur to enhance personal healing, synchronicity and vision.


Wisdom from many traditions - We integrate wisdom teachings from Kabbalah, Depth Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Mythology, Family Systems, Archetypes, Alchemy and Astrology. We use various techniques to facilitate personal discovery and spiritual awareness including writing exercises, prayers, sacred body postures, meditations, dreamwork, storytelling, ritual, psychodrama, drumming, chanting and work with Megan’s Sacred Robes.

Who Takes the Training? The Tree of Life Training™ is aimed at seekers from any walk of life who want to deepen their journey of psychological health and spiritual awakening and live their Soul’s Mission and Purpose. This training is also designed for therapists, health-care professionals, spiritual directors, chaplains, life coaches, religious professionals, business consultants, teachers and all interested students.


Facilitated by Megan Wagner and Jim Larkin AND our amazing Staff!

Megan and Jim have been teaching together for 35 years. They are Interfaith Ministers, Kabbalah Teachers and Ritual Leaders. Their Mission is to support you living your Soul’s Mission & Purpose so you can create the life you love.

We are so excited to have you join us!


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