Hebrew and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life


This course is an enquiry into the Hebrew names of the Sephirot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

If you are a long-time student of Kabbalah, this course is an opportunity to look at the Tree of Life with new perspectives.

If you are a beginner this course, is a wonderful opportunity to see the inner meanings of the Hebrew names that make up the Tree of Life – Etz Ha-Hiyim.


Six 2-Hour Classes with videos, audios, meditations and exercises


The courses six lessons take us through the Tree using Meditation and contemplation and an enquiry into the origins of names and terms used in Kabbalah as they appear in the Hebrew texts of the Bible.


Once again with our Mystical Hebrew teacher Steve Pope, we study each of the fruits (Sephiroth) on the Tree of Life.

We learn the deeper meaning of the 11 Fruits of the Tree:

  1. Keter
  2. Hokhmah
  3. Binah
  4. Daat
  5. Hesed
  6. Gevurah
  7. Tiferet
  8. Nezah
  9. Hod
  10. Yesod
  11. Malkhut


We then contemplate the meaning of the Tree of Life and deepen our understanding of the 4 worlds – Azilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, Assiyah.

The 4 Worlds correspond to our  Divine, Spiritual, Psychological and Physical bodies and how we navigate as multi-dimensional beings.

This supplements our Kabbalah studies and helps us to embody the Living Tree of Life within our body and soul.



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