Master Guides Activation Group

We are a group of like-minded companions committed to our spiritual practice and emotional growth.

Join Megan’s Master Guides Activation Group to accelerate your spiritual evolution!

  • Keep on track with your goals and dreams
  • Join anytime during the year
  • We meet 2x monthly on conference call to awaken your Inner Master



Our Theme: We are working our way through the Wisdom from the 33 Master Guides on Megan’s 33 Sacred Robes. Each Month we contemplate 2 Masters and do spiritual journeying and meditations to call in each spiritual quality, such as Peace, Joy, Love, Wisdom, Strength and Compassion to name a few.

Megan draws upon her 40 years of professional experience as a therapist and spiritual guide.


We meet virtually 2x per month and you have access to a private website with exercises and meditations to keep you on track with your goals and dreams!


Coaching calls: Mondays at 12:00 noon Pacific time (10am Hawaii, 3pm East Coast, 8pm UK, 9pm Europe)


Jan 30 #12 Breakthrough
Feb 13 #13 Awareness,  Feb  27 #14 Determination
March 13 #15 Strength,  March 27 #16 Compassion
April 10 #17 Power,  April 24 #18 Inspiration
May 14 #19 Acceptance,  May 29 #20 Courage
June 26 #21 Love
July 10 #22 Knowledge,  July 24 #23 Understanding
August 7 #24 Wisdom,  August 21 #25 Trust


Join ANYTIME and tend your inner flame!



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